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I write adventurous fantasy and science fiction, often with a touch of romance, because someone's always interested in somebody! Or maybe that's just me.

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The Beauty in the Castle
Worlds Away and Far
Stone Adept
Spirit Adept

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On rare occasions, I blog about fantastic books I've read. Or random parts of life.

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More Tinkering!

I've been working on my book covers lately. I needed a cohesive look for the…

First Book Blues (or why I’ve spent a lot of money lately)

As a writer, I love the tactic of making the first book in a series…

You Should Read: COBWEB BRIDE

Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian What if you killed someone and then fell in love with…

About Me

Cheryl CorbinI write science fiction and fantasy stories. I love to read and will read anything (including cereal boxes). I used to draw the line at horror  (gave me nightmares), but I've discovered zombie fiction this year and LOVE it.

I have a writing partner to help me craft stories, but she mostly sleeps through the day. You can see proof on the About me page.

In my free time, I'm teaching myself how to cook food that doesn't come out of boxes and bags.