A is for Atlantis

The Letter A

Atlantis is a place of myth, first mentioned by Plato in one of his dialogues in 360 BC. He described it as a large island located in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and North America. It was destroyed in one day and night when it sunk beneath the sea.

The culture of the mythological Atlanteans, the actual location of the island, and the reason for its destruction are questions of great discussion among those that believe it really existed.

Some think Atlantis was actually the island of Thera, a Greek island. A Bronze Age city with a rich culture has been discovered there, buried by volcanic ash during an eruption in 1500 BC. One theory is that Plato was describing Thera, but got the location of the island wrong.

Others believe it was located near Antarctica with relics still buried under the ice.

A third theory is that Atlantis was located in South America. The geographical features of Altiplano in Bolivia seem to match Plato’s descriptions. The area is known for floods and earthquakes. Even the Aztec words for water – “atl” and copper – “antis” seem to indicate that this might be the location of the mythological place.

Other possible locations are the Azores in the Atlantic or near the island of Cyprus.

Regardless of where it might have been located, if it even existed, I am entranced by the idea of a rich island culture that disappeared in the course of a day and night. What would it have been like, living on the island and experiencing the destruction?

My Idea:

Kilauea Volcano at Mauna Ulu

A story about ordinary people, going about their daily lives on the island of Atlantis. One day the volcano on the island erupts, earthquakes ensue and the island crumbles into the sea. We’d see how the people dealt with the calamity, a sort of historical apocalyptic novel.

Hmm… the danger in coming up with these ideas is that I want to write them… now.

What would you do with the myth of Atlantis?

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