About Me

Cheryl and YukiI’m a fiction writer and have been daydreaming stories most of my life.

The first “novel” I wrote and finished, while in high school, was a post-apocalyptic story in which I inherited lots of money, built an underground bunker to save all my family and friends, including the boy that I had a crush on. I was the well-loved heroine of the story. And I got the boy. 🙂

Naturally, that means I was destined to write science fiction, fantasy and romance stories.

Yuki sleepingI write with my puppy sleeping beside me.

Or on me.

We’re still negotiating our seating arrangements.

Her name is Yuki (Japanese for “snow” and pronounced you-key). My veteterinarian likes to call her “Yucky” as a joke. Haha.

She’s a ten-year-old Bichon Frise, not really a puppy any longer, but she’s little, so she’ll always be a puppy to me.

YukiI’m currently working on the third book in my fantasy series, Sun Adept, and have released several short stories and collections.

If you have questions or comments, shoot me an email at cheryl (at) cherylcorbin.com.

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