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If you’ve decided that putting a blog on your writer website is right for you, congratulations. A blog can be a terrific traffic draw, bringing people to your site.

So what do you blog about? Try some of these suggestions.

Project Journal

This is probably the easiest topic to blog about for a writer. Just write a summary of your progress on your current novel. Talk about your word count goals and whether you met them. Describe how the plotting process is going, or about what character development you’re doing. Share how many pages you edited or what story you just submitted.

Using your blog as a project journal is a good way to track your progress and keep a record of what you’ve worked on. And it’s proof you’re actually writing!

Writing Journal

This differs from a project journal in that you’re writing about writing, not about a specific work in progress. You can share lessons you’ve learned about writing, thoughts on industry news, tips about craft topics (like plotting or point of view) that you’ve discovered, or the emotional ups and downs of being a writer. Essentially, write about your own personal insights into writing as a career or a hobby.

Craft Instruction

These kinds of posts seek to educate your blog readers about writing. Post about tips and tricks that you’ve tried or thought about trying. You can post links to writing resources. Create Top Ten lists for character creation techniques or the best sources for coming up with novel titles. Share editing techniques that you’ve read about.

Book Events

If you’re a published author, post about any events you’ll be attending, like book signings or writer’s conferences. Don’t forget to include any online events, like blog tours.

You can expand your posting to include events for authors in your area or virtual events for authors in your genre.

Photo Journal

While you don’t always think about pictures on a writer’s blog, creating picture posts can be a fun alternative to posts of just text. You could post just pictures, or include a paragraph or two of description or context for the photo, if you wanted.

Post a pic of your writing workspace each day or pictures of inspirational pictures of landscape, animals or people in your life.

For fun, print out the pages you write each day and stack them up. Take a picture each day of the increasing stack and post it. Good motivation to keep going when you hit the middle muddle in your story.

Book Reviews

Book review posts could be reviews on writing books or on fiction books in and out of your genre. If you’re posting reviews on books in your genre, be aware of potential consequences for any negative reviews. I’m not saying you can’t post negative reviews, but you should be sensitive to how such a review may be received by the author. None of like to receive negative reviews of our work. And you may need a glowing blurb from that author in the future. Just something to consider.

Your Turn

What kind of posts do you put on your blog? What posts do you enjoy reading on a writer’s blog?

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