Book Marketing Made Easy #4-Execute Your Plan

This is the most important element, because it’s the hardest to do. Once you’ve developed your marketing plan (goal, activities, and measurement) and begun to implement it, you need to continue working toward your goal until you reach your deadline.

It can be easy to give up on a marketing plan.

When Things Go Wrong

  • You get busy and let the activities slide for a few days.
  • You check your measurements and don’t see any progress toward your goal.
  • You hear about a sexy new method of marketing and decide to try that instead.

Carrying on with your plan can seem downright boring and useless. Even a waste of your time.

Don’t give up on it.

You need to see it through to the end of your deadline and then evaluate how effective your efforts were in meeting your goal.

If you didn’t see the progress you were expecting, why not?

  • Did you get bored and slack off on the plan?
  • Did you follow the plan faithfully, but the numbers just didn’t materialize?
  • Was your timing off? (You planned a huge giveaway on your blog for Thanksgiving, but all of the readers in the world were comatose from eating turkey and weren’t on the Internet.)
  • Did real life get in the way of your efforts?

Figure out what went wrong and set a new goal to work toward.

When Things Go Right

Sometimes you faithfully do all of your marketing activities and are rewarded with phenomenal results. You aimed for 100 newsletter subscribers and got 257. Yay, you!

You need to evaluate your results the same as if things didn’t go well.

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go so well?
  • What activity got the best response?

Figure out what caused your success and do it again. Set a new, higher goal and continue the same activities.

Don’t get seduced by sexy new marketing ideas. If you’ve found something that works, repeat it. Over and over again.

If it stops working for you, you can pick something new to try. After your current goal deadline, of course.

The Most Important Rule in Marketing

Don’t give up.

Sometimes marketing is like planting magic beans.

You put them in the ground and overnight, a giant beanstalk appears with treasure at the top, just waiting for you to climb up and get it.

These are the stories of overnight success you hear in the publishing world. JK Rowling striking gold with the Harry Potter stories. Stephenie Meyer becoming wildly successful with the Twilight books.

Sometimes all it takes is for a book to be published and it finds an instant, raving readership.

More often marketing is like planting ordinary seeds. You plant them and tend them and in time, flowers start to bloom. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. It just takes more time.

Keep tending your seeds and planting new ones. In time, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

And that’s the end of our marketing plan tutorial. Just four steps. Simple, right?

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Determine activities to meet the goal.
  3. Decide how to measure your progress.
  4. Execute your plan and don’t give up.