Bribe Your Way to Success

As humans, we love social proof. Rarely do we want to be the first person to try something. We’d rather wait for someone else to take the plunge first and give us their opinion.

Do you go to the restaurant that has an empty parking lot at 6 p.m. or do you head next door to the one that has a lot of cars parked in front? Human logic says the restaurant with more customers must be the better one. This is social proof in action.

Social proof can affect smaller purchases like books. A book for sale on Amazon with no reviews is either brand new or awful, we think. Otherwise, wouldn’t somebody have posted a review already?

But a book with 5 or 10 reviews feels more legitimate. People have bought it and taken the time to post some comments about it. For the author’s sake, we hope the reviews are more positive than negative.

But how do you get reviews? Begging isn’t a pretty option. But bribery… now that’s a time-honored way to get something you want.

Big corporations use bribery all the time. They run big contests with fabulous prizes to get you in the door or to buy their product or to tell all your friends about their service. And we jump on board to participate because we might win that fabulous prize. Who doesn’t like winning free stuff?

As writers we can follow the example of the big companies and use a little bribery to get reviews for our book. Running a giveaway on your website is a great way to encourage readers to post a review for the chance to win a fabulous prize.

I’ve released a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to do that – How to Get Reviews With a Giveaway.

And in honor of Cyber Monday, it’s nearly half price, but only until Wednesday afternoon.

If this sounds like something you could use, pick up a copy before the special ends and start bribing your readers today.