C is for Cymatics

The Letter C
Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration. Material of some kind (liquid, sand, iron filings, etc.) is placed on the surface of a plate or diaphragm that is vibrated by sound waves and the resulting patterns are studied.

In one study using sand and a tonoscope (device that makes the human voice visible), when the vowels of the ancient languages of Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbols for those vowels. Modern languages, however, did not produce the same result. How is it possible that the vibration and frequency of those spoken vowels actually looked like the written symbol for the vowels? If sounds can appear visibly and affect physical reality, what else can they do?

Billie Holiday

My Idea:

A sound healer cures illness and injury by singing the correct tones over the patient, but the centuries-old practice of sound healing is threatened by new medical innovations that involve herbals and potions.

This idea started me down a path to thinking about other kinds of alternative healing and now I really want to write a story set in this world. Dang it. I don’t need more on my list of things to write. 🙂

What story would you tell about visible sound and vibrations?

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