D is for Dropa

The Letter DThe Dropa Tribe was a group of aliens that crash landed in the Bayan Har Shan region of China twelve thousand years ago. A Chinese archaeologist discovered a series of graves within caves in the region. The graves contained skeletons of beings little more than a meter tall with large, elongated skulls.

Along with the graves, a stone disk was found. It had a center hole and a groove on the disk that spiraled from the center hole to the rim and back, forming a double spiral. Later investigation revealed microscopic hieroglyphs on the disk that told the story of the aliens, how their spaceship had crashed and could not be repaired.

After violent conflicts with the local tribesmen (with some of the aliens being killed), the Dropa settled in and intermarried with the tribesmen.

Now, this is all a great story. However, none of it has been proven. There are no records of the archaeological dig, no evidence of the Dropa Stones (supposedly a total of 716 were found overall), no proof that the archaeologists or those involved in the finds actually existed.

But… imagine if it was real…

Dropa Alien?

Photo of supposed alien connected to Dropa tribe and Dropa stones.

My Idea:

I’d like to write a story about a young Dropa woman, one of the travellers who crashed on Earth, and what her life is like as they try to survive a new planet, hostile neighbors, and the knowledge they can never go home.

The other side of the story would be a young woman from the local tribe, shocked by the arrival of beings that look different from humans. She would be curious about them, but frightened by her tribe’s reaction to the strangers, and the violence that erupts.

The two women would work together for peace between the two groups, despite their very obvious differences.

What story would you write about the Dropa myth?

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photo by: greg1647

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