E is for Eternal Flame Falls

The Letter EThe Eternal Flame Falls are a unique natural phenomenon. Located in Chestnut Ridge Park in New York, the waterfall sits over a tiny cave. Inside the cave, cracks in the rock allow natural gas to seep out. Visitors to the falls can light the gas, producing the “eternal flame”, fire behind the water. The flame doesn’t actually burn eternally; wind and water often extinguish it, but it can be relit easily.

What a beautiful and amazing occurrence – fire and water, apparently coexisting together.

My Idea:

Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal Flame Falls in Chestnut Ridge Park taken by Michael P. Majewski

A world of never ending water – it falls from the sky, floods over the land, fills the seas to overflowing, and drowns the people’s spirits.

When a flame is discovered burning behind a waterfall, it is proclaimed a miracle. A struggle to possess the flame begins, culminating in violence and the extinguishing of the flame. Horror shames the people and when the flame is relit by lightning, the people resolve to protect and share it.

What story would you write about fire and water together?

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7 thoughts on “E is for Eternal Flame Falls

  1. Wendy

    Hello Cheryl.

    I don’t know that I could write a story about water and flame. It does sound like an interesting idea. I am actually just in awe about that cave. Nature has beauty even in some of its oddities it seems.

    Nice to meet you on the A to Z!

  2. Rossandra White

    How evocative. I want to be there. Fire and water, two of the four elements believed to be “at the root of all existing matter.” The other two being earth and air. Popping in from the A-Z Challenge.
    Rossandra White´s last post… E is For Egg On

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