Feng Shui’ing My Office

I’m one of those people that rearrange my furniture every few months. Usually there’s nothing wrong with the original placement. It’s just not right. When it feels “not right”, it’s time to move things around until they feel “right”.

Following that reasoning, I’ve rearranged my office again.

I haven’t been as creative or productive as I had hoped once I got the painting done and the new writing chair in place.

I took a look at how the principles of feng shui dictated my office should be laid out.

Turns out my writing chair was on the wrong wall. I moved it to the opposite wall so I could see the door, as recommended. Technically, this isn’t the best position for me to be creative. My writing chair is in the Family-Community sector. BUT it is in the “power position” of facing the door and that trumps the sector. Apparently.

My Writing Chair

Yuki has claimed the Power chair.


My bookshelf moved to the Knowledge-Education sector.

My Bookshelf

Where I keep my knowledge until I need it.


My printer moved to the Creativity/Productivity sector, which I think is appropriate for a writer. And it is sitting on a metal wire-frame shelf which is good in that sector. The bulletin board on top is now hanging on the wall above it.

Printing Area

The printer is guaranteed to produce productivity. The manual said so.


I added a small table in my Wealth sector and put a peace lily on it to stimulate growth.

The Peaceful Lily

The peaceful lily is growing my wealth.


It’s recommended that you place items that represent money or wealth in this sector. I added a pair of silver salt and pepper shakers from my mother, beautifully tarnished. (Not sure if the tarnish is a bad thing in the principles of feng shui, but I love the look of the metal.)

Tarnish is beautiful.

Tarnish is beautiful.


My dragon cup and saucer also sit on the table. Dragons are a powerful symbol in feng shui. Couldn’t hurt to have more power in my Wealth sector. And it makes me happy to look at them. So gorgeous.

Dragon Cup and Saucer

Blurry dragons are still good luck, right?

Does Feng Shui really work? I don’t know, but I’m more productive in my office now. Maybe there is something to energy flow. Or maybe the office just “feels” right now.