Free Ebooks – Just a Few Days Left

I’m participating in the big July sale at Smashwords. All of my books are FREE through the end of July. To get a copy of them in the electronic format of your choice, go to Smashwords, add them to your cart and then use discount code SSWIN.

Words of Spirit

Evicted from her home, Amaya just wants to get back what she’s lost, but when she accidentally angers a Magister, her life changes forever. Cabren’s shortcut through the Tanglewyld becomes a rescue mission when he stumbles across a frightened blind woman being chased by unknown men. In a world ruled by magic, Amaya must decide what she wants more – power or love.

The Beauty in the Castle

What if Sleeping Beauty was meant to sleep forever? What if Rapunzel suddenly discovered her own ambitions? What if the Beast was not who you thought he was? What if our familiar fairy tales were not as familiar as we imagine? Read three new twists on three old stories.

When the Angels Sing

When aliens visit Earth and offer astounding technology, negotiator Maighdlin Dunne is sent in to get the one thing they won’t share – the cure for all diseases. This is a short story of 6500 words or approximately 20 pages.

The Academy

On the overcrowded planet of Ordilor, Cashin dreams of leaving for the Academy to have a future, but his parents have a different future planned for him, one that he never expected.


Synamen, a covert operative who refuses to do “wet work”, is forced to make a hard choice about her future when the technology in her body malfunctions and threatens her life.

The sale ends on July 31. Please enjoy the stories with my compliments!