G is for Gamomania

The Letter GGamomania is an obsession with issuing odd marriage proposals. When I came across this word, my mind boggled. Is this really a thing? I went searching for more odd obsessions.

  • Catapedamania – an obsession with jumping from high places
  • Epomania – a craze for writing epics
  • Heliomania – an uncontrollable craving for the sun
  • Islomania – an insatiable attraction to islands
  • Macromania – the delusion that objects are larger than their natural size
  • Planomania – an abnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms
  • Tomomania – an irrational predilection for performing surgery

As I thought about all of these different obsessions, the “what if” wheel started turning and a story idea formed.

My Idea:

Man with crazy expression

Imagine a place (a village, maybe an entire planet) where people with delusions and obsessions live. Life with delusions is normal for them; they know they have their own obsession and since everyone has one, no one is weird or considered abnormal. In fact, people (mainly visitors) without an obsession are the mentally ill ones.

My story would follow a visitor to the planet, an investigator called in to help solve a crime that the residents can’t solve themselves because of their delusions. It would be a humorous scifi mystery as the visitor runs into the different residents and experiences the quirks of each.

Have you ever thought of including an obsessional character in a story?

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photo by: jenny downing

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