Goodbye, Stuff; Hello, Freedom

A lot of people mistake Minimalism for living a stark, barren life with no possessions and no fun.

A proper definition of it is eliminating the unnecessary and excess in your life so you can focus on the things and activities that are most important to you.

Get rid of the unimportant so that only the important is left.

I’m currently decluttering my entire house and chucking almost all of my possessions.

My life goal is freedom.

Freedom to do anything, live anywhere, be whatever I want to be. Freedom to write without the distraction of stuff.

Owning enough stuff to fill a three-bedroom house does not support that goal of freedom.

It ties me down with maintenance, organization, storage, and mental stress.

Not to mention that moving to a new house or apartment is a long, painful process when you have that much stuff.

So far, the decluttering process is eye-opening.

Items I thought I would keep forever are getting the boot as I’ve decided that freedom is more important to me than STUFF.

I’m selling, donating, recycling and trashing.

It feels really good.

I feel my mind and life getting lighter with each piece that leaves my house.

Are you holding on to the unimportant?

A good portion of my book collection is up for sale as part of my decluttering efforts.

I have many books on writing as well as a lot of fiction listed at

Check them out if you’re interested.

Like to get rid of your own stuff? I’m using the guide from Baker at Man vs. Debt called Sell Your Crap. It shows you how to sell your unwanted stuff on eBay, Amazon, amd Craig’s List.