H is for Homes

The Letter HThe kind of homes that I find most interesting are the unusual and imaginative, especially those that don’t exist yet, except in someone’s imagination.

Floating: How about a floating city built along a river in Scotland? The 12-acre village would include homes, shops and entertainment.

In the Air: Would you live in an open-air home over a stream? If the climate was nice, absolutely. Perhaps in a tree? This takes me back to my childhood of climbing trees.

Micro: Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular. You can buy plans and build it yourself or have one built for you. Or you can design and build your own micro house out of diverse materials.  Or consider a small home in a shopping mall.

Underground: This is my personal preference at the moment. (I live in an earth home.) Underground homes range from those built in caves, to structures buried in the ground, to homes built on the ground and then buried with earth. These earth-covered homes in Iceland are awesome.

Underwater: The H2Ome is an underwater home with large windows to view the reef and surrounding fish. It can be purchased today. The company recommends $10 million as the starting budget. l

My Idea:

Piping Hot HouseI would love to write a story set on another planet, or possibly in the future of Earth, where people live in these unusual homes. Our traditional cities have been abandoned for more creative homes, either as a luxury or as a necessity (because our cities are unsustainable anymore). I don’t have an angle on the story yet, the conflict or the characters, but I find the idea of these unusual homes to be incredible for worldbuilding.

Would you write a story with such unusual homes?

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photo by: subarcticmike