In Honor of Michael

Michael and Ella

Michael with his granddaughter Eliane.

I’ve been absent the last few months dealing with family illness.

My brother got sick and went through four months of multiple hospitalizations and declining health. When the doctors could do no more, we took him home and he passed away the day before Thanksgiving.

My brother was five years older than I, so I didn’t have a lot of interaction with him when I was growing up. A little sister isn’t much fun when it comes to playing games. When I started junior high, he was leaving for college.

He shared the same interest in science fiction and fantasy that I had. Being older, he had jobs and spending money and he bought books. He left those books at home when he went to college. And I “borrowed” them from his bookshelf and devoured them.

He’s the reason I read Dune and other books that may have been considered too adult for me at the time. But I appreciated them for the new worlds and ideas they exposed me to.

As adults we discovered a shared interest in writing, too. He was working on a few stories before he died and we talked about plots and characters. I regret that he wasn’t able to finish them, but I have his ideas and maybe I will be able to write something in his honor from them.

He was a gentle man with a sharp wit and a love for children. I will miss him greatly.