K is for Kleptocracy

The Letter KKleptocracy is government by thieves. Most dictionaries define it as those in power that exploit natural resources and steal from the population.

Usually this refers to corrupt governments where the leaders consider all government monies, etc. to be their own personal funds. They buy luxury items for themselves and take extravagant vacations on the public’s dime.

My Idea:

But what if it really was a government of actual thieves, proud of their profession. What if the entire culture believed in “take what you can, keep what you can”.

Caught in the Act

I think this would make an interesting fantasy story. Theft as a way of life. Perhaps the hero is striving to rise to fame as a preeminent thief by stealing larger and more valuable items. Perhaps he has a female rival, competing for the same position. Throw in some humorous mistakes and complications, maybe some atraction between them and I’m enjoying this story already.

What do you think about a kleptocracy as the basis for a story?

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