M is for Marianas Trench

The Letter MThe Marianas Trench is the deepest part of the ocean floor. It is nearly seven miles deep and lies in the Pacific Ocean just east of Guam.

The water pressure at the deepest part of the trench is about 8 tons per square inch and the water is completely dark.

The floor of the trench has hydrothermal vents that emit highly acidic fluids. The temperature around the vents can reach 572 degrees Farenheit. Water on the seabed floor hovers between 34 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Between the highly acidic fluids and the extreme temperatures changes, the environment is toxic to most life. Explorers have found small forms of aquatic life living in the trench, however. More than 200 microorganisms were found in a mud sample taken from Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the trench.

Given how difficult it is to explore such a deep part of the ocean, I wonder what else could be living down there that we don’t know about yet.

My Idea:

So Deep

What if some of those microorganisms developed a type of intelligence? What if they set out to explore what lay beyond their own world, as we do with space? What if they encountered a team sent to explore the trench and tried to make contact? What if they couldn’t survive in air, but instead entered the bodies of the team as the only safe way for them to ascend out of the ocean?

I would write a story about a being from each world – a microorganism who wants to explore and know what’s beyond life in the trench and a human explorer who wants to know more about the trench. When the two come together, how do they react to each other? How do they communicate and what do they say?

What would you do with a story about the Marianas Trench?

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photo by: tata_aka_T