My Four Priorities

The last couple months have seen a lot of thinking and soul-searching.

And resulted in some new goals for my life.

I’ve long struggled with how to ensure that I’m working toward the things I really want in life.

In reading Far Beyond the Stars, Everett Bogue’s site on minimalism, I found the answer.

In his post, The Stunning Truth About Focusing on the Important, he says this:

1, Identify the four areas of your life that are most important to you.

Simply write them down. It can be powerful to know what is most important to you, because then you can begin to focus on only the essential.

My four priorities are: Writing, Yoga, Cooking, and Reading.

Wow… what a wake-up call for me.

I could limit my priorities to just four things and maybe, actually get something done.

And what an easy system to use.

I sat down and wrote out my four priorities in life. Took a while to narrow it down.

Here they are:

Make money from writing
Eliminate credit card debt

Writing is a no brainer. This is what I do. I love to dream up stories and write them down.

Make money from writing – This is the marketing activities necessary to sell books. It’s on my list because while writing comes easy, marketing does not, so it needs to be a separate priority.

Eliminate credit card debt – I made an impulse decision a couple years ago and signed up for some online training that cost a LOT of money. I’m still paying it off. I want to wipe out that debt.

Minimalism – I’m getting rid of the excess in my life so that I can focus on the important things.

To make my four priorities work, I select one task in each area to work on each day.

That’s it.

I might do other stuff that’s not on the list, but not until the four daily tasks are done.

I might do more than one task in an area, but not until I’ve accomplished my daily task in each of the other three areas first.

Simple. Effective.

To read more about Minimalism, check out Far Beyond the Stars. The original site is shut down, but the archives are still available. Start in October 2009 and just begin reading.

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