My Ideal Writing Space

I’ve been planning my ideal office for some time. I have a room that I can use, but I want to dress it up.

My office

Laying the carpet in my future office.












I’m hoping to evoke a specific feeling when I’m in the room – elegant, comfortable, warm – a place where I feel calm, creative and where I want to linger.

The Colors

Pillow for Color Inspiration

I love the colors on this pillow.

I have a pillow that I’m using for inspiration on the colors. I want the walls to be this warm beige-y gold with furniture in earth tones and accents of dark purple. I might throw in a touch of the mustard yellow or the burgundy, but I’m still deciding on that.

Gorgeous Fabrics

I love these purples.

While I was at a fabric store, I found these gorgeous fabrics that reflect the colors that I want. I may need to make a pillow or something using one of these.









The Furniture

Two needs here – a comfortable easy chair to sit in for writing and a desk for book cover design and administrative tasks.

The easy chair is for drafting on my laptop. I want to lean back, put my feet up on something and just type.

It has to be big enough to accommodate both Yuki and myself as she insists on sleeping on me or next to me when I’m working. (Obviously a desk chair doesn’t work for this. We have tried.)


Could you deny this face?













I’m leaning toward something like this chair and a half with an ottoman. Plenty of room for both of us to sit together.

Bradshaw Collection Coffee Chair

I’d like it in a darker color, but the size is perfect.









The desk won’t be a regular desk. I’m pursuing minimalism and want my office to be very minimalist as well. That means no large desk and very little on the floor.

Instead, I want a wall-shelving system that has a shelf big enough to function as a desk with a couple of shelves above it to hold a few reference books or inspiring objects. Something like this but with fewer things on the shelves.

Elfa Zebrawood Platinum

Love this setup, but too visually cluttered for my tastes.












My problem will still be the desk chair. Yuki will want to be in my lap and I’ve yet to find a desk chair that will fit us both comfortably without me having to contort around her to reach the keyboard. (My chiropractor will bless me if I can find a solution that doesn’t involve contorting.)

But if most of my time can be spent in the easy chair, we can probably get by.

That’s it in my ideal office. Imagining such a clean, open space with only minimal furnishings makes me giddy with anticipation. I’ll post updates as I make progress on setting it up.