New Names… Why?

The WIP is going well. Outline is basically finished. It’s still mostly main plot line, not much sub-plot, but I have some sub-plot ideas that I can work into the existing scenes rather than creating stand-alone scenes for them.

Found some great inspiration online in pictures of spaceships and space station concept art. They’ll help me visualize and better describe my settings. Also drew up interior maps of two of the main settings – a ship and a planetary base. Now just need to draw up the second ship layout and I’m good to go.

This week will be starting the new draft of the manuscript. Will be incorporating a lot of the 50,000 words I wrote for NaNo, but modifying significantly as I’ve changed character motivations AND NAMES! Most all of the characters got a new name. Gonna be scratching my head for a while, trying to remember what each one is now called as they’ve had their original names for several months and are stuck in my head. I like the new names, but why did I do that? (Because the new names are better.) Right. Moving on.

Will be adding a wordcount widget to the sidebar to track my progress on the draft. Shooting for new words added each day.

Wish me luck and persistence!