Reading – Do You Graze or Binge?

When I started reading, I was a binge reader. I would get a dozen books from the library and then read each one start to finish. I wouldn’t pick up the next until my current book was fully read and absorbed.

My access to books was limited to how many I could check out of the library (and the selection they had), so I had to read each one all the way to the end. I only had a few, after all. Even if it wasn’t my kind of story, I’d still finish it.

Now I’m a grazer. I’ll read a few chapters of one book, then dive into another for a bit. A romance, a thriller for a while, then a scifi or fantasy story. On occasion, one grabs me hard and makes me finish it all the way to the end. But more often, I’m in and out of several books at the same time.

I attribute this to the ease of electronic reading. I read almost exclusively on my phone now which means I carry my entire library with me everywhere. I have over 300 ebooks in my to-be-read pile. With so much to choose from I can always find a story that fits my current mood and it’s available with a few screen touches. I’m not limited to just a few choices of what to read.

Getting older has had an effect too. I’m better in touch with what genres and tropes I enjoy most. If something isn’t grabbing me, I’ll move on. There are so many other things to read and they’re immediately available.

Technology means I’m reading a LOT more than I ever have. And I love it.

How have your reading habits changed? Have ebooks or getting older changed how or what you read?