Same Worries, Better Life

Tense shadows
Creative Commons License photo credit: quinn.anya

I had lunch with two friends from my former job last week. We talked about changes at the employer, how their jobs were going, what it was like working from home. Eventually we wandered onto the topic of worry and panic.

I admitted that even though I’m living my dream, I still lie in bed at night sometimes, totally panicked about money, health issues, will I be successful? Can I make this work? Did I make the right decision to quit my job?

One of my friends said, “But we have those same worries, even though we have jobs.”

I could have hugged her.

I needed that reminder – that EVERYONE has the same worries and fears, no matter who they are or what their situation is like. We all worry about money and health and our family and our jobs and whether we’re on the right path.

Uncertainty is everywhere. It’s part of life.

Even if I had stayed at my former job, I’d still worry about getting laid off, the assignments I was given, health concerns, money, and family. But the difference would be that I’d be working in an environment I didn’t enjoy, doing work that didn’t mean anything to me.

Instead, I work at home with my puppy sleeping beside me (or on me which makes typing really difficult). I work on writing projects that I love. I have a ten foot commute, a flexible schedule, time to fit in house chores and the ability to run errands during daylight (instead of in the winter dark after work).

Same worries, better life.

Don’t be afraid to take steps toward your own better life. The worries and fears will still be there, but everything else might get a whole lot better.