Starting Over With New Perspective

I’ve been slacking some the last month. I finished the first draft of my story, but something wasn’t right about it. Finally figured out what.

I’m not a pantser.

I started this story with an idea for a scene between a man and a woman. I quickly created some backstory to get them to this scene and then started writing with no plan or worldbuilding.

Turns out, that doesn’t work for me.

Sure, I finished the story, but I didn’t like my female main character’s personality or motivations. And I was unclear on my male MC’s motivations. And the world/culture were too vague and similar to other generic fantasy stories.

So I started over and reframed it.

It then changed from a fantasy romance (emphasis on the relationships) to a romantic fantasy (emphasis on the magic and world).

I realized I had strayed very far from my original idea of this man and woman and I didn’t like that. I wanted to write about the relationship between these two people and how they come together.

So I’m back to a fantasy romance story. I’ve done a lot of character and conflict planning along with worldbuilding. Next up, planning new scenes to fit the modified characters and conflicts.

Lessons Learned:

1. Pantsing is great for exploring a bit of a story idea or a character voice. FOR ME. (your mileage may vary)

2. For actually writing the story, I must do the planning work first or I end up with a chaotic mess that needs far more work to get it into readable shape.

3. Lord of the Rings soundtrack station on is excellent music to write and plan with.

4. All writing activities go better with Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

Have you ever started over completely on a story because your chosen method (pantsing or outlining) wasn’t working for you?

3 thoughts on “Starting Over With New Perspective

  1. A.R. Miller

    Sounds like you found your focus and are moving along.
    My current work is a far cry from where it started as an epic fantasy. Something wasn’t working and I finally gave in and changed it to a contemporary fantasy, still using all my research ect. Lucky for me my characters told me I was headed down the wrong path.
    Everything goes better with Reese’s anything!

    1. Cheryl Post author

      I’m hoping as I complete more stories the process gets faster and easier. Less muddling around, trying to figure out what each story needs to be.

      Can’t wait to read your finished manuscript!

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