T is for Taos Hum

The Letter TIn Taos, New Mexico, residents and visitors have reported a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming. It isn’t audible to everyone; a study indicates that between 2% and 11% of the population can hear it.

Similar hums have been reported in New Zealand, England, Canada and Ireland.

No definitive explanation for the Hum has been proved.

Possible Explanations:

Tinnitus: Some physicians suggest that tinnitus, a disturbance of the auditory system, is the reason some people hear the hum. Sufferers claim that it isn’t internal, being worse inside their homes than outside. Others claim it is equally bad indoors and outdoors. Some hear it only at home, others hear it everywhere they go.

An investigation by a team of scientists in Taos dismissed the possibility of tinnitus as the cause of the Hum.

Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions: This is the faint buzzing or ringing that some people hear, especially if they are in complete silence. About 30% of people hear these noises, which are generated by their own ears.

This explanation has been dismissed as the cause of the Hum, because the spontaneous noises occur with equal frequency across all agre groups. The Hum typically occurs in regional clusters and rarely within large metro areas.

Colliding ocean waves: Waves crashing together and then into the ocean floor can produce infrasonic humming noises.

The question on this explanation is how the Hum could be heard in areas hundreds of miles away from any ocean.

Mechanical devices: In Kokomo, Indiana, a location that has experienced the Hum, it was thought to have been caused by two different sources. Fans in a cooling tower at the DaimlerChrysler casting plant and an air compressor intake at the Haynes International plant. The tones emitting from those devices were fixed, but the Hum persisted.

The Evolution of Man

The Evolution of Man

My Idea:

What if the Hum was Nature’s way of encouraging evolution? What if people who heard the Hum were affected physiologically and began to change in various ways, both physical and mental? I’d write a story about some of these people, the changes they experience, and how their lives are affected.

What do you think about the Hum?

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photo by: Team Traveller