The End is Near

I’ve been working hard on my novel – book one of my fantasy series. I’m on the fifth draft and in the final revisions. FIFTH DRAFT! I’m definitely not a pantser. I anticipate the next book in the series will go a lot smoother because I’ll be planning it out completely, rather than just winging it.

It has an official name – Words of Spirit. I have the cover art (I type that as “covert” art every time) done by Claudia of PhatPuppyArt. She is fabulous! Highly recommended to every writer out there. Such gorgeous work. I’m not revealing the cover until I have it completely finished, but trust me, the artwork is incredible.

I’m on track to have the novel released by the end of the month. Then I’ll be working on a short collection of fairy tales with a twist. Following that are the next two books in the novel series. Plenty of work ahead!

One thought on “The End is Near

  1. Julia

    Cheryl, That’s fabulous!! Sounds like hard but gratifying work! Very exciting! Let me know when it’s released. Cheers & congrats, Julia

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