The Power of Naps

Sleeping YukiMy new secret strategy for boosting my creativity is taking a nap.

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, but I don’t always remember my dreams when I wake in the morning.

But I sleep less deeply during a nap and frequently wake up in the middle of a dream. (Yuki sees to that as she walks around the bed and on me.)

When I wake, I lay there for a few minutes, mulling over the surreal people and situations that I had dreamed about. Often some piece of the dream will spark an idea for a story.

Or a dream will give me an idea on how to improve the story I’m working on.

Sometimes all I get is a dominant emotion from the dream, but that might be what I need for my writing.

There’s even scientific evidence that taking naps will help you solve creative problems.

If you need a boost to your creativity and can swing it, try a nap.

Naps… good for kids, dogs and writers.