This Week in Writing News

This week I’m working on my scifi romance novel. I did the first draft of it for NaNoWriMo. I hit 50,000 words, but didn’t actually finish the story. NaNo did give me great insight into the story and the characters, so I’m not concerned that I didn’t actually finish the story because I know where to go with it.

It needs a strong overhaul so I’m redoing the outline this week to get all the proper scenes in place. I’m using How To Write Page-Turning Scenes to ensure that I have scenes in which something actually changes. That was a problem in the first draft – characters talking, events happening, but the story didn’t always advance.

The outline is going well and is over half-done. I don’t have much sub-plot included yet and need to figure out how to weave that in.

And I need to draw maps of my settings so I can visualize them better.

Lots to do!