A Viking in a Cage or The Evolution of an Idea

Writers get asked this question a lot. “Where do you get your ideas?”

I had an idea come to me last night. I was watching a foreign movie about Viking warrior captured by some other group (Scots maybe? It was unclear.) They kept him in a cage and forced him to fight other men to the death, for sport, apparently.

A visitor from a neighboring clan made a comment to the “owner” of the Viking. “No one has kept him for more than five years. It’s our turn now.”

And an idea was born.

I imagined a warrior, captured in battle or through no fault of his own, kept caged and forced to work or fight for his captors and perhaps traded or shared among the clans or tribes. What kind of culture would keep captives for such a reason? What if the prisoner escaped? What if someone helped him escape? Who would be brave enough to do so?

From a simple line of dialogue, an entire story is building in my head.

I think I’ll go make some notes on it.