What is Shiny?

Shiny is the best way I can think of to explain my outlook on life.

My inspiration for shiny came from a terrific book – Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design by Danielle LaPorte and Carrie McCarthy.

I read this book and was immediately struck by how fun this idea was. Figuring out a style statement to live your life by. I settled on Tailored Sparkle for mine. Tailored because I love planning, organizing, designing… I’m always thinking of ways to do something better, to improve.

And my creative edge? I’ve always been drawn to things that sparkle. Shining, glittery things. Even the words – sparkle, glitter, glimmer, spark… are some of my favorite words just for how they sound and make me feel. And my last name is a variation of Corvus which means Raven. Ravens are drawn to shiny things. Seemed like an obvious match.

I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate my Style Statement with my outlook on life to be a theme for this site. I had a brain spark one day on ‘shiny’. I see the shiny in things. Shiny is my personal pair of rose-colored glasses.

Shiny is:

  • being optimistic
  • searching for possibilities
  • looking for the bright side
  • not giving up
  • making things better
  • working toward my dreams
  • believing in people
  • believing in hope

Don’t get me wrong, I see the bad, too. There’s plenty of bad out there and you don’t have to look hard to find it. I choose to focus on the good, on the shiny in life.

Shiny is how I see the world.