What to Put on Your Website

Image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via Flickr

Your website doesn’t have to be complicated or huge. One or two pages is plenty if you don’t have much to list yet.

About Me Page For Your Bio

Tell the world something about yourself. But not your entire life history, unless (and here’s the important caveat) it has some relevance to what you write.

If you grew up in Patagonia and you write agricultural thrillers set in Patagonia, awesome. List that in your bio.

If knitting is your life and you write about members of a knitting circle finding romance, list the knitting in your bio.

Look at the bios in the back pages of books you love and write something similar for yourself. Don’t make it too long.

Book List

If you have books published, you need a page with them listed and links to where people can buy them. You want people to buy your books, after all, so make it easy for them.

If you write a series or interconnected books, provide a list of recommended reading order.

Contact Information

This is SUPER important. Have an email address listed on your site so that people can contact you. On your About Me page is a good place.

Make sure it is an email account that you check regularly.

Since you have your own domain, make sure you email address is related to it, firstname@authorname.com, not something like “iwritegr8books@aol.com”. An email address on your own domain looks more professional.

Your Turn

Do you have these pages on your site? Do you have any others?