What's in a Name?

I love my Kindle. I use it all the time. I’m particularly fond of downloading free stories, novellas and books to try out new authors. Found some great ones that way and I’m buying up everything else they write.

But here’s the downside of the Kindle.

When I’m browsing the list of books I have to read on my Kindle, I can see the title and the author name.

That’s it.

No cover art. No book description. Nothing but the title to remind me what the book is about or even what genre it’s in.

Think that doesn’t sound so bad? Try out these examples and tell me what genre they’re in:

Making Waves – would you guess that this is a turn-of-the-century light-hearted romance? Yeah, me neither.

Marry Me – definitely a romance, but historical? regency? contemporary? futuristic?

Paid in Blood – fantasy? paranormal romance? thriller? murder mystery?

A Chance in Time – probably a time-travel story, but straight scifi or romance?

I never realized how much I rely on the cover art for clues as to the story until I got my Kindle. Without that visual clue from the cover art, I have to rely on just the title to help me pick something to read.

When I guess wrong – selecting a historical romance when I was wanting to read a contemporary, it’s jarring. It makes me not want to read the historical, even if it is a great story.

How descriptive is your title?

Does it tell me the genre?

Does it give me a hint of the conflict in the story?

Is it memorable enough that I’ll remember it when I’m scanning a list of 100 books?

If not, pick a different title. Don’t settle for the generic or boring title that could apply to a story in numerous genres. Make sure I’ll remember it when I’m looking for something to read.

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