When, Where and How – Savvy Author Chat

I’ll be presenting a chat at the Savvy Authors website on Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. Eastern with information from the case studies I’ve done over at Learn to Write Fiction.

When, Where and How – Stealing the Process and Habits of Other Writers for Yourself

A writer’s method of producing an entertaining story is unique to herself. Each writer has to figure out what works best for her to get words down on the page. Two writers might have similar habits or processes, but no two writers will write a book in exactly the same way. But just as athletes and artists copy the moves, techniques and habits of the masters in their field, writers can do the same with bestselling authors to speed up figuring out their own process.

In this workshop, Cheryl Corbin will share some of the habits and processes of well-known writers from her case studies on over 100 bestselling authors. Learn the tricks that these authors use and put them to work for you.

The chat is free to attend, so stop by for some fun discussion on how you write.