Word Counts Aren’t Working

I initially set a word count goal of 1K per day to keep myself on track and accountable for something. I’ve noticed a negative pattern though. Before I set the goal, I was writing more than 1K per day, up to 2K at times. After I set the goal, my output dropped to just over 1K per day and stayed there.

In each day’s writing session, my brain seems to say, “Okay, I’ve hit 1K, time to stop now.” And while 1K per day is a respectable amount of words, it isn’t going to get me to publishing goals very quickly.

Instead, I’m experimenting with time goals. I’m using Focus Booster to write in 25-minute increments with a 5-minute break in between. In one hour of writing this morning, I’ve managed 1267 words. I’m planning 3 or 4 more sessions today, so I should be comfortably in the 2-3K range for the day which is where I’d rather be.

I have the time, after all, so I should be writing more.

Time goals don’t work for everyone, but they seem to work for me. I generally keep my fingers typing the entire time with only short stops to think of details or the next line of dialogue.

I’ll keep reporting my progress, but I think I may up my goal to 2K per day and then maybe up to 3K as I get better with my discipline. Do I hear 4K?

What works for you–word count or time goals? Or something else?

2 thoughts on “Word Counts Aren’t Working

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Thanks, Julia! I slacked yesterday, but am back at it today. *crossing my fingers for another 3K.

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