Words of Spirit is Done!

My fantasy novel is finished! Yippy Skippy!! Happy Dance!

After months of work, it is finally finished, except for the minor tweaking I expect I’ll do on it. I was actually feeling kind of giddy and nervous as I neared the end of the edits.

Now I move on to the release activities:

1. Finalizing the cover art.
2. Formatting the electronic version.
3. Formatting the print version.
4. Announcing to the world that I’ve released a book!

5. Starting the next one in the series. 🙂

I have two more planned in the Words series with the possibility of expanding to more. Blame my friend Amy for giving me ideas for making this a longer series.

After that I’d like to get back to my scifi series and I have an idea for a young adult fantasy series. LOTS of work on the horizon.

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