You Should Read: THE COLD KING

This is a series of posts highlighting books that I’ve read and loved. If you enjoy my books, you’ll like these too.

The Cold KingThe Cold King by Amber Jaeger

This is a dark retelling of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast and it is well done. Beauty isn’t a beauty at the beginning. She’s an abused, unwanted girl struggling to be loved. The Beast isn’t beastly in form, but in manner – he’s cold and ruthless, to hide his own pain.

I’m a sucker for underdog stories and this one is wonderfully told. It’s described as dark, but I didn’t find it dark so much as realistic. There is no gratuitous violence or sex. Merely people acting selfishly and hurting others, intentionally and not.

It’s a story of two people struggling to overcome their own scars and find love. Give it a try. I think you’ll love it.


Calia Thorn has lived her entire life in a small town sheltered by the Cold King’s mountain. Working day and night to care for her younger siblings, complete her unending chores and please her selfish, lazy mother has left her with few dreams for her own future.

But then even those meager hopes are taken from her when the Cold King comes down from his mountain to demand a new servant. Ungraceful, unladylike, undesired and unwanted by even her own family, Calia is chosen to be sent to the palace.

The Cold King has lived for three hundred years under a curse imposed by his own father. With no hope of ever breaking it, he settles for keeping his heart frozen against any pain— or hope.

When his new servant arrives, she challenges him in ways no one ever has and sparks fly. But not every Beast is a prince charming at heart and not every beauty is a maiden just waiting for love.

Sometimes happily ever after isn’t so easy…